What We Offer
Confidential Document Shredding Service In Malaysia

MyShred Mobile covers the Klang Valley and Peninsular Malaysia and offers three different type of services:

Scheduled Service

Our scheduled service is ideal for organisations that require confidential document shredding on a regular basis. An agreed schedule will be developed according to your needs and a standard fee will be charged for the duration of the service.

One-off Service/Purge Service

Organisations are now realising it becoming less cost effective to shred their own confidential information using office paper shredders. On request basis, we will go to your premise, shred all unwanted documents and issue a certificate of destruction once job is completed.

Off Site Shredding
Offsite shredding is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to on-site shredding. Shredding procedure is similar to on-site shredding; we place locked bins at strategic points in your office premises, transport it to our off-site shredding center, unlock the bins there and shred it immediately. We are also transparent! Your representative are always welcomed to witness the destruction process or we can have it recorded for you..

Al Quran Disposal
This new service will help the Muslim community to dispose of the old and unused Al Quran including also literature and other printing material with verses from the holy book in a proper, respective manner. This also including of posters, calendar, study and exhibition material, as well as decorations. Myshred Mobile encourages the Muslims to properly dispose Al Quran of mushaf, a collection of pages or written copy from it must be respected even if it is no longer used.

Degaussing is a form of bulk erasing which permanently removes all data and formatting from tapes and hard drives. A strong focused magnetic field envelopes the media, changing the magnetic properties of the entire data area in seconds. Degaussing erases working and non-working media, ensuring proper data security before re-use, recycling or disposal. Physical destruction will crush the materials, giving the visual identification necessary to identify hard drives that have been properly destroyed. In addition to that, physical destruction will guarantee that nobody tries to recover the data.
IT Asset Disposal

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