1. How do you charge?
    Please contact us to get a specific quote.
  2. Do you recycle what you shred?
    Yes, all papers shredded will be recycled.
  3. What is “on-site shredding”?
    On-site shredding or mobile shredding is when the shredder is built into the lorry. Your material is collected and taken to the lorry to be destroyed. The shredding is done at your premise, and you may witness it if you choose to.
  4. What is “off-site paper shredding”?
    Off-site shredding or plant based shredding is where material is picked up from your office and taken to a plant elsewhere to be shredded. This will be less secure and not easily witnessed.
  5. Why should I change to “on-site shredding”?
    On-site shredding is secure and minimises the risks of disclosure of information. With any risk management issue there is no room for a reactive approach when the opportunity to proactively reduce risks is readily available.
  6. What is a “certificate of destruction”?
    A certificate of destruction is your proof that your material was destroyed properly. This will be issued to you once we have shredded your materials.
  7. What kind of shredders do you use?
    We use a powerful machine on-board our state of the art truck that can process in a mere 10 minutes what a typical office shredder can process in 8 hours.
  8. Is it not cheaper to use office shredders?
    No, it is not necessarily the cheaper option and it is definitely not efficient and secure. Please see our table of comparison.
  9. Can you shred books, CDs, yellow pages, credit cards?
    We can shred all the above and a list of things as specified in the website. No sorting or removing of staples, paper clips or even file fasteners required. Just let us know what you need and we will come and get it.